12 de janeiro de 2011

Miserabilistas Portugueses

Com a triste morte de Carlos Castro aparecem aqui e ali postais a reclamar contra as caixas de comentários dos jornais online, acompanhados peloas habituais comentários miserabilistas de "nós portugueses somos assim e assado".

É certo que têm alguma razão. 90% dos comentários são feitos por pessoas com cérebros ao nível de um Australopiteco.

Mas isto não é uma característica Portuguesa. Deve ser uma característica mundial.

Tirei hoje duas pérolas do New York Daily News


6:09 PM
Jan 8, 2011

Ugh...No wonder NYC is a cesspool of filth by allowing these foreign creeps to come here & get their jollies on. Sick!!

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12:59 PM
Jan 9, 2011

Justice is served!!! For every perverted, child molestor out there will think twice now before " hurting " another child. This case is a self defense case where a young, poor, straight boy was manipulated, and being used by an evil, dirty demon who was 45 years of more life experience than him, ( for his perverted sexual pleasures )...using his money to rape this kid and unlike others who often feel powerless and accept the abuse....this kid stood up for himself and struck back to gain his DIGNITY back and good for him! The boy is a victim of sexual abuse by an old pervert, which happens all the time in this twisted society and they rarely ever get caught! The demon was killed and it's a good beginning!! Hope all others can learn from this lesson and not take abuse from people like this!!! This boy should be let go, he has been hurt and abused and victimized enough....this boy is not a killer, but it was SELF DEFENSE!! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT HIM!!!

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